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Barbarian with a horn

Barbarian with a horn

Second half of the 7th century, Tang Dynasty (618 – 907)
Glazed and painted terra cotta
H : 45.6 cm W : 22 cm

Many important Chinese art museums have a mingqi representing a seated person native from Central Asia, holding a container.

Most have a goatskin, in rare cases a goose-shaped vessel or a horn (symbol of abundance), as the Cernuschi Museum’s mingqi does here.

This figure was discovered in Henan, accompanied by a tray and six cups, which leads us to believe these westerners were itinerant wine sellers. The common use of vine rinceaux on the back of mirrors from the Tang Era proves that wine, then considered an exotic beverage, was consumed.

Covered with a cream-coloured glaze, the piece was fired and then coloured with black, green and pink highlights.

Collection : Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Mode d'acquisition : Purchase with the support of the Society of Friends of the Cernuschi Museum, 1960.
  • Barbare à la corne

Barbare à la corne
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