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Box and lid

Box and lid

Era of the Northern Song (960-1126)
Yaozhou kilns, Shaanxi province
Sandstone with celadon glaze (qingci)
H.: 0,048; D.: 0,125
M.C. 2000-3

These ceramics were made around Huangbaozhen, in the Tongchuan distric, in the heart of the Shaanxi province. On this small box, a large blossoming lotus flower decorates the lid, which has very refined olive green to grey coloring. This motif is frequently found on bowls and vases of this production site in the 12th and 13th centuries. 

Auteur de la notice : Gilles Béguin
Collection : Song Dynasty (960-1279)
Mode d'acquisition : Gift of Mr. et Mrs Gilbert Zuellig through the Society of Friends, 2000
  • Box and lid

Box and lid
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