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Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-256 B.C.)

Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-256 B.C.)

In 771 B.C., the Quanrong tribesmen from the north-west steppes expelled  the Zhou out of the Shaanxi valley. They resettled further east, at Luoyi, modern Luoyang in Henan ; there starts the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. The weakened  dynasty let the feudal domains come to function as independant states recognized as hegemons. The Eastern Zhou Dynasty is divided in two main periods : the first half is conventionally called the Spring and Autumn period (Chunqiu), and the second half is known as the Warring States period (Zhanguo).

This period of exuberant intellectual creativity served to foster men of ideas such as Kong Zi (Confucius - traditional dates : 551-479 B.C.) and Zhuang Zhou (traditional dates : 350-300 B.C.) who wrote the Zhuangzi - not to mention numerous others.

  • Broadsword
    Broadsword Era of the Warring States (481 – 221 B.C.), Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 – 256 B.C.) - Bronze
  • Jian basin
    Jian basin Late 6th to mid-5th century B.C., Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 – 256 B.C.) - Bronze

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