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Flower vase (ichirin-ike)

Flower vase (ichirin-ike)

Manufactured in Banko, Mie prefecture, Ise province
18th century
Edo Period (1615 – 1868)
Sandstone, celadon green, gold lacquer repair to the mouth
H : 9,5 cm ; L : 11,5 cm
M.C. 4252

Although the character of this vase is more like those made in the Isawa Banko factory in the nineteenth century than those generally classified as older creations, this vase is similar to productions dated from the 18th century: the slightly convex base, the molded relief patterns (the eight bagua trigrams from the book of Yijing divination), the translucent glaze, and the traces of wear from usage and repair in gold lacquer (nashiji) are all factors that lead one to lean towards an earlier date, as it is close enough in appearance to others (Yokkaichi, 1998, No. 1024, p.26 and Yokkaichi, 2004, No. 14, p.16). Other pieces with decorative trigrams molded in relief are also dated from the late eighteenth century, in particular a celadon incense burner covered with copper, imitating the incense burners made of Chinese celadon called chidori Kōro (Yokkaichi, 1998 1035, p.33).

Auteur de la notice : Michel Maucuer
Collection : Japanese decorative arts
Marques Inscriptions Poinçons : seal printed underneath : Banko
Mode d'acquisition : Henri Cernuschi's legacy, 1896
  • Vase à fleur

Vase à fleur
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