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Sui Dynasty (581-618)

Sui Dynasty (581-618)

In 581, Yang Jian, in lineal female descent from the Wei emperors, founds the Sui Dynasty. In 589, he succeeds in reunifying all of China. Huge constructions such as the one of the grandiose capital of Chang'an (Xi'an), the opening of the Grand Canal linking Huanghe and Chang Jiang (Yangzijiang) and disastrous military campaigns led to the fall of the Sui Dynasty.

  • Head of Pratyeka Buddha
    Head of Pratyeka Buddha End of 6th century, beginning of Sui dynasty (581 – 618) - White marble
  • Standing Buddha
    Standing Buddha Sui Dynasty (581-618) - White marble
  • Ox pulling a cart
    Ox pulling a cart Sui Dynasty (581-618) - Terra cotta
  • Head of Bodhisattva
    Head of Bodhisattva r. 600 - White marble
  • Two tomb guards
    Two tomb guards