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Focus on Vietnam

Fabrication des estampes, 1953 © Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient
  • Fabrication des estampes, 1953 © Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient
  • Mandarins officiant sur l'esplanade du Nam Giao, 1939 © Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient
  • Banian sacré à Cô Loa, 1924 © Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient

Focus on Vietnam

Photographs of the French School of the Far East

2014/03/14 - 2014/06/29

After the From the Red River to the Mekong exhibition in 2011 dedicated to Vietnam of the 1930s seen through the eyes of French and Vietnamese painters, the Cernuschi Museum now presents period photographs from the rich collection of the French School of the Far East.

It takes the viewer on a trip through Vietnamese traditions and around the country’s prestigious historic sites.

Explorers, scientists and archaeologists were quick to sense the archaeological riches of this ancient civilisation and extend the range of their studies in the country.

They threw all their passion into their work, recording the traces of the country’s past, studying the customs of its peoples, founding the first museums and reporting on their time spent in the country through watercolours and precious photographs.

Period photographs portray archaeological sites, buildings of which some have now disappeared, the construction of museums in Danang and Hanoi, the pagodas of northern Vietnam and the last Nam Giao festival of the heavens celebrated by Emperor Bao Dai. 

The exhibition is completed by a number of watercolours, original prints and archaeological dig diaries.

Christine Shimizu, Head Curator, Museum Director
Isabelle Poujol, Photograph Library Manager, French School of the Far East

Catalogue: Editions Paris Musées,  76 pages, 35€  
Manifestation organisée dans le cadre de l'Année France-Vietnam - Nam Viet Nam Phap 2013-2014.www.anneefrancevietnam.com

2014/03/20 - 2014/: Exposition aux Archives nationales : France-Vietnam, quatre siècle de relations: le rôle des pionniers de la photographie au Vietnam

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Vélib: 75, rue de Monceau, 39 rue de Lisbonne, 4 rue de Thann

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