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René Grousset library

The reading room offers 11 seats with computer facilities and a WIFI connection.

Since 1996, the library is housed in the flat of the former directors of the museum.

Thanks to the seven directors in charge of the Musée Cernuschi since 1905, the books collection referring to Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Far Eastern art has been regularly enriched.

In May 2011, the collection counts 13665 monographs as well as 490 journals (still in print and out of print) and auction catalogues.

The library was named after René Grousset (1885-1952), the French specialist of the crusades (1096-1291) and second director of the museum from 1935 to 1952. His widow gave the city of Paris his 2400 books about the Middle East and Central Asia and the library was inaugurated in April 1955.

In June 1996, a larger library was opened to the public with books related to the museum collections : archaeology, bronze, ceramics, traditional and contemporary painting.

The collection includes many exhibitions catalogues from French and foreign museums, bibliographies as well as annual bulletins of French and foreign institutions and art magazines.

Because of the acquisition and exchange policy, the collection of books in Latin, Cyrillic and Korean alphabets as well as in Chinese and Japanese characters grow bigger and bigger.

The library also benefits from private gifts such as the Beurdeley and Schulmann collection, both dealers in antiques and the Etiemble collection, a university teacher in comparative litterature.

The collection computerization has been ongoing since 2000.