Chang, Yu 常玉

Papier, Encre, Gravure sur bois
H. 24.4 x l. 35 cm
En bas à droite, sceau "Yu"; En bas à droite, Sanyu; En partie inférieure, au centre : numérotation : 42/50
M.C. 2010-7
Don manuel, Société des Amis du musée Cernuschi

This engraving depicts a feline turning to the right, with head and left paw raised. It belongs to the same series as a work presented at the Musée Guimet in 2004.
This is one of Sanyu’s favourite animal subjects, which he also depicted in oil and in ink, as well as sculpture.
An interesting comparison can be made with a series of linocuts donated to the Cernuschi Museum by Pan Yuliang.

Reference(s) : Eric Lefebvre, Activités du musée Cernuschi, Arts asiatiques, 2011, t.65,  p.266.

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