L'école de Lingnan (The Lingnan School)

L'éveil de la Chine moderne (The Awakening of Modern China)

Edited by Maël Bellec ; Aida Yuen-Wong ; Yuen-Kit Szeto ; Sunny Tang

日曜日 01 3月 2015

21x30 cm
ISBN : 978-2-7596-0282-7
192 pages
80 illustrations

The 20th century was, for China, a period of historical, social and cultural rupture, which brought with it a profound renewal of its artistic vocabulary.


The Lingnan school of painting was one of the major movements to tackle these new issues. Its three founders, Gao Jianfu (1879-1933), Gao Qifeng and Chen Shuren [noms à confirmer, manquants dans la v. française] were political militants as well groundbreaking painters: they engaged in clandestine activities designed to overturn the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) and to disseminate their work. After the proclamation of the People’s Republic, they devoted themselves almost exclusively to their art and took part in the debate revolving around the development of a new national painting largely inspired by contemporary currents in Japan.

They also founded the studios where the next generation would train. By introducing people in continental China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and even Canada to the work of their masters, these artists enabled the Lingnan school to become the first Chinese artistic current known worldwide, and that endures to this day.

The works in this volume, beautifully reproduced and accompanied by extensive commentary, are mostly from the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The successive sections of the catalogue, each including a new essay, retrace the history of this movement.