Entre 600 et 900
Grès, Glaçure = Couverte
Coupe (récipient)
H. 7.8 x D. 12.4 cm
M.C. 7973
Don manuel, Anonyme

This type of display dish was part of the funerary equipment placed in the brick tombs of the An Nam period. Each tomb contained one or two of them. They were made of a pure white clay and featured some defects that took on a brownish colour on firing. The ivory glaze is thin because it was very runny, and is crackled all over. The glaze was wiped off the foot to avoid the pieces sticking together on firing. In the centre of the round top, there are also traces of kiln props, which enabled objects to be fired in stacks.
Offerings, perhaps fruit or cakes, were placed on the round top of the display dish, in honour of the deceased and to comfort their soul.