Vaisselle et ustensile de cuisine, Bol
H. 4.1 x D. 11.3 cm
M.C. 2004-23
Don manuel, Ullens, Guy, baron, Ullens, Myriam, baronne

These two bowls are made of wood covered on the outside with gold leaf folded down at the lip. The hammered metal ground is covered with small regular circles stamped with an awl; over it appear two phoenixes in flight with long, curling tail feathers, as well as composite floral motifs. The flat base is surrounded by a row of overlapping petals, also found on several items of metalware from the tomb of Yelü Yuzhi, who was laid there in 941. All these details are delicately incised except for the birds’ heads, making them stand out.

Reference(s) : Christian Deydier, XXIe Biennale des Antiquaires, 2002, Paris/Londres, Oriental Bronzes, 2002, cat.n°10 et 11
Gilles Béguin-Marie Laureillard, Chine: La gloire des empereurs, Paris, Paris-Musées/Suilly-la-Tour, Findakly, 2000, n°143,144et 146