Sans titre-2012

Ma, Desheng 马德升

Entre - 2012
Toile (matériau), Peinture acrylique
H. 180 x L. 200 cm
M.C. 2013-11
Don manuel, Ma, Desheng 马德升

Before settling in Paris in 1986, Ma Desheng was one of the cofounding members of the Xingxing (“Stars”) group, the first post-Maoist dissident art movement. In 2002, he began to use acrylic paint applied in a thick paste to paint his two sole subjects: women with provocative appearances and stones that sometimes resembled human forms, conceived, in a style that is remarkable in its expressiveness and strong colour contrasts, as the continuation of a traditional painting theme.

Reference(s) : Christine Shimizu, Activités du musée Cernuschi, Arts asiatiques, 2014, t.69,  p.165-166.