Vase en forme d'oiseau céleste (tianjizun 天雞尊)


Entre 1736 et 1795
Bronze, Fonte à la cire perdue, Dorure
Legs : Cernuschi, Henri

M.C. 557

Inscription carved on the breast: 乾隆年制 (“Made in the Qianlong period”) This work is associated with a vessel carved with a Qianlong mark and with four rollers (Beijing, Imperial Palace Museum). These two bronzes may have belonged to an ensemble.

Reference(s) : Gugong Bowuyuan 故宫博物院 , [故宫青铜器] [Bronzes in the Palace Museum], Beijing (Pékin) : 紫禁城出版社 The Forbidden City Publishing House, 1999.Gugong Bowuyuan 故宫博物院 , [故宫青铜器] [Bronzes in the Palace