"Seisei" (Plant growth)

Fujikasa, Satoko 藤笠砂都子, né en 1980 à Yamaguchi (préfecture)

En 2013
Grès, Glaçure = Couverte
Don manuel : Société des Amis du musée Cernuschi

M.C. 2013-16

Fujikasa Satoko, a graduate of the Tokyo University of Arts, uses clay from Hagi, a city traditionally associated with tea ceremony utensils since the 17th century. The light clay is hand-kneaded, bent to obtain twisted or spiralling forms that let the light filter through, then coated with a matt white slip. The pieces are then fired at about 1,250°C. Fujikasa’s spatial approach, perhaps of naturalistic inspiration, transforms the ceramic into a sculpture, blurring the border between the two fields. She has won acclaim at national and international exhibitions, and was awarded the Special Prize at the Ceramic Biennale, Korea. Her works have already joined the collections of numerous Japanese and foreign museums (including the Metropolitan Museum of New York and Brooklyn Museum).

Reference(s) : Christine Shimizu, "Activités du Musée Cernuschi", Arts Asiatiques, 2014, vol. 69, p. 169.