Petite jarre


Entre 1000 et 1200
Grès, Glaçure = Couverte, Décor moulé (céramique), Céladon
DS F6 bis, 5/3
Don fouilles : Janse, Robert Ture Olov; Mission Janse Indochine (1934-1935)
M.C. 8252

This spherical pot stands on a small foot that is partially glazed. The narrow, circular opening is rimmed with a frieze of lotus petals, the object’s sole decoration.
The subtle green glaze places this piece in the category of celadons, but its brilliant transparency is characteristic of Vietnamese ware. Unctuous glazes containing myriad small bubbles that absorb the light producing soft, milky reflections are a feature of the celadons made in south-east China.
The lotus petal frieze stands out clearly thanks to the accumulation of glaze in the hollows. Because of its runny consistency, the glaze coating is very thin on the protruding parts, thus accentuating the contrast between the various levels of relief.
This simple and elegant small pot reflects the refined tastes of the Lý dynasty, as well as the constant references to Buddhism adhered to by the ruling class, in the presence of the lotus flower.

Reference(s) : Monique Crick, Viêt Nam : Collection vietnamienne du musée Cernuschi, Findakly/Paris Musées, 2006, p. 114.