Inter-library publications exchanges are, besides a recognition of French and foreign institutions, a regular source of enrichment for the collections and a major and indispensable complement – in their financial equivalent – to the acquisitions budget.

They enable the library to obtain rare and costly publications, notably from the large Asian institutions. In return, they offer the museums’ publications – collection and exhibition catalogues – heightened visibility, and enable the work of researchers to be widely disseminated. The journal Arts asiatiques, the annals of the Guimet Museum and the Cernuschi Museum, including abstracts in English since 1983, in Japanese since 1996 and in Chinese since 2010, is, in this respect, a remarkable example of an international scholarly publication supported by inter-library exchanges.

Publications exchanges

The museum’s publications exchange policy regularly enriches the library’s collection with works in the Latin, Cyrillic and Korean alphabets and in Chinese and Japanese characters, and is at the heart of its solid relationship with prestigious national and international institutions such as the French, European, American, Russian and Central European museums related to the Asian arts, as well as the Chinese, Taiwanese, Singaporean and Japanese museums.