Organisation chart

Eric Lefebvre, Director, General Curator
Catherine Alassimone, Secretary General
Sandrine Dethier, Assistant to the Director
Mael Bellec, Curator, Head of the Chinese and Korean collections
Anne Fort, Curator, Head of the Vietnamese collections
Manuela Moscatiello, Head of the Japanese collections
Hélène Chollet, Head of the Documentary Research (Chinese collections)
Charlotte Lanciot, Registrar
Camille Bertrand, Head of the René Grousset Library, Archives and Photographic Archives
Laura Bailly, Communications Officer
Clara Bappel, Visitors Department Officer, in charge of the mediation to the publics
Véronique Lasseur, Head of Visitors' reception staff
Sébastien Raoul, Security Chief
Charlotte de Percin-Sermet, Lecturer
Thanh-Trâm Journet, Lecturer
Anne-Colombe Launois-Chauhan, Lecturer and Storyteller
Maria-Renée Contreras, Storyteller
Hyun Jeung, Visual artist

VISITORS INFORMATION - From January 30, 2023 and for a period of six months, part of the permanent collections will be closed due to renovation works of the building. Spaces 1 to 5 will remain open to the public, spaces 6 to 14 (from the Buddha Hall to the Painting Room) will be closed. During this time, temporary exhibitions will continue to be presented on ground floor, such as the exhibitions "Kim Tschang-Yeul, Drops and Strokes" and "Painting and Ceramics in dialogue" from April 14 to July 30, 2023. Thank you for your understanding.