Le Japon au fil des saisons (Japan Through the Seasons)

Robert and Betsy Feinberg's collection

Edited by Christine Shimizu

Friday 01 August 2014

21 x 30 cm
ISBN : 978-2-7596-0263-6
35 €
160 pages
80 illustrations

In Japan, depictions of nature (flowers, birds, landscapes) are not only decorative motifs but are also imbued with a powerful symbolism forged by poets since the 8th century. These literary codes serve to express a “culture of the four seasons” that painters have interpreted continuously over the centuries. The works presented in this book, from the American Robert and Betsy Feinberg Collection, illustrate the principal pictorial currents between the 18th and the 19th centuries: the Rinpa painting style, the naturalistic Maruyama-Shijō school and the Sinophile Nanga movement. The most famous names in Japanese painting are featured, including Hōitsu, Maruyama Ōkyo, Ike no Taiga and Tani Bunchō. Contributions by specialist authors offer valuable keys to understanding these masterpieces of Japanese art.