L’École de Shanghai (The Shanghai School)

Edited by Éric Lefebvre

Wednesday 29 November 2017

ISBN : 978-2-7596-0217-9
252 pages pages

The artistic school of Shanghai was a laboratory for modernity, where the heritage of ancient painting lent itself to the influence of exotic art forms from Japan or the West and to new techniques such as photography. This renewal of Chinese art would give birth to what became known as the “Shanghai School”.

While Ren Bonian and Wu Youru explored a new conception of human depiction through realism, Zhao Zhiqian and Wu Changshuo brought calligraphy technique to painting, heightening the expressive power of the line. But the works associated with the Shanghai School are characterised primarily by their singular palette—the eruption of colour in a pictorial tradition dominated for centuries by the use of ink.

This catalogue presents a panorama of the work of the leading masters of this school, through a selection of paintings, calligraphy and seals from the rich collections of the Shanghai Museum.