Walasse Ting: The Flower Thief

Edited by Éric Lefebvre and Maël Bellec

Thursday 01 September 2016

ISBN : 9782759603305
224 pages
150 illustrations

The career of Walasse Ting, an unclassifiable, Shanghai-born artist who worked in Paris, New York and Amsterdam respectively, prefigures the globalisation of contemporary Chinese art.

In the early 1950s, Walasse Ting went to Paris, where his expressive works brought him in contact with the COBRA group. During his time in Paris, he became interested in the work of Matisse, but it was in New York that he forged his own style, working with both ink and pure colour, drawing on the conventions of Chinese painting and the spontaneity of action painting. This book retraces the life and career of Ting, and presents for the first time the exceptional collection of the Cernuschi Museum. It reveals the incredible vitality of Ting’s oeuvre, which is steeped in eroticism, as well as the fascinating figure of an artist who gave himself the symbolic name of “flower thief”.