Sponsorship is a simple act that can be of great benefit to your company. It is, in effect, a gift, in the form of money, expertise, technology or in kind, benefiting an organisation or charitable institution in the public interest such as the Cernuschi Museum.


In the cultural domain, sponsorship contributes notably to the safeguard, enrichment and enhancement of the national heritage: monuments, museums, archives, books, archaeology etc.

Photo du médaillon de Léonard de Vinci sur la façade

The French Act of 1st August 2003 pertaining to sponsorship provides for attractive tax incentives:

  • a corporation tax rebate of 60% of amounts gifted to organisations or charitable institutions in the public interest, up to a maximum of 0.5 % of turnover excluding tax (with the possibility of carrying over the surplus to the five following tax years, should this threshold be exceeded); returns on investment in the form of communication and public relations for the corporate sponsor, limited to 25% of the amount of the gift;
  • a tax rebate of 90% of the amount gifted for the acquisition of a “national treasure” or a “work of major heritage interest” for the benefit of a public body, or of 40% if a “national treasure” is purchased by the company for its own account.

Cultural sponsorship should be seen as a mutually beneficial partnership that is part of your company strategy.

Major benefits can be gained from such an initiative:

  • Sponsorship is an ideal means to communicate externally with your customers, partners or the general public and internally with your staff;
  • It is also a way to assert your values and to share your expertise for the benefit of the public interest.

60% tax rebate and 25% of returns on investment, corresponding to an overall advantage of 85% of the gifted amount for the corporate sponsor.

The museum offers sponsors a number of returns on investment.


  • The corporate sponsor’s logo features on the press release and on the press kit of the project
  • The company logo appears in the exhibition catalogue or other publications specific to the project
  • Sponsors have a dedicated page on the Cernuschi Museum website


The logo of the corporate sponsor may appear

  • on the exhibition poster
  • on the exhibition press release
  • in the exhibition press kit
  • on invitations to the exhibition opening
  • on the panel at the entrance to the exhibition
  • in the credits at the end of the exhibition
  • in the exhibition catalogue
  • in the visitor’s guide
  • on the exhibition’s page on the museum website


  • Invitations to the opening of the sponsored exhibition
  • Use of museum spaces for events (private tour, breakfast, cocktails, sit-down dinner, talk etc.)
  • Preferential admission and cultural activity prices for the company’s employees.


  • Invitations to exhibition openings and inaugurations at the museum
  • Admission to temporary exhibitions
  • Annual Paris Musées cards
  • Invitations to private tours for sponsors
  • Reduced prices on museum publication orders
  • Proposed series of talks about the collections and exhibitions for the sponsor’s employees.

VISITORS INFORMATION - From January 30, 2023 and for a period of six months, part of the permanent collections will be closed due to renovation works of the building. Spaces 1 to 5 will remain open to the public, spaces 6 to 14 (from the Buddha Hall to the Painting Room) will be closed. During this time, temporary exhibitions will continue to be presented on ground floor, such as the exhibitions "Kim Tschang-Yeul, Drops and Strokes" and "Painting and Ceramics in dialogue" from April 14 to July 30, 2023. Thank you for your understanding.