Vase cocon


Entre -206 et 9
Terre cuite, Couleurs - Pigments
Mingqi, Vase
H. 23.3 x L. 25.5 cm
M.C. 9797
Don manuel, Barrère, Jacques

These oval “cocoon” forms existed since the Warring States period. They often feature circular motifs and are in unglazed or blackened earthenware. The Cernuschi Museum has a flask that is 31.5 cm high and 36 cm long, with incised fillets, in black earthenware with darker foliage motifs and traces of funerary red inside the neck. These black, polished or sometimes lacquered pieces are rare. Several superb specimens of various kinds from the 4th century BC have been found, from the kingdom of Zhongshan in Hebei. Painted pieces appeared with the early Han. The oldest items, without a foot, are in earthenware and decorated with vertical stripes in fillets, in relief or in reserve, or scratched.

Reference(s) : Marie-Thérèse Bobot,  Chine connue et inconnue : Dix années d'acquisitions au musée Cernuschi, Paris, Paris-Musées, 1992, p.70-71.

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