Bambous, arbre et rocher

Wen, Boren 文伯仁, né en 1502, décédé en 1575

Entre 1368 et 1644
Papier, Encre
五峰; 五峰; 文伯仁
Don manuel : Société des Amis du musée Cernuschi

M.C. 2006-74

Seals of the painter: 印:1.五峰(朱文) 2.文伯仁(朱文)

This fan painted by Wen Boren depicts bamboo plants with a tree and a rock. The work is signed “Wufeng”, meaning “five peaks”, the courtesy name of Wen Boren. Certain elements such as the feibai 飛白 rendering of the rock and the execution of the bamboo probably hark back to the painting of the Yuan period, particularly the work of Zhao Mengfu 趙孟頫 (1254-1322). In certain respects, particularly the rendering of the tree foliage in the background, this work is evocative of certain works by Wen Zhengming depicting a similar subject, such as the fans in the Shanghai Museum and Nanjing Museum. The composition, which radiates from a central axis, is particularly well suited to the shape of a fan.

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