Entre 900 et 907
Grès, Céramique tournée, Glaçure = Couverte, Céladon, Décor peint sous couverte
Vaisselle et ustensile de cuisine, Coupelle
Don manuel : Beurdeley, Jean-Michel

M.C. 2000-2

This shallow dish of a slightly greenish beige colour has a dark brown swirling design imitating calligraphy, and three oval motifs extending over the inside and outside of the lip. This design of swirling lines is found on another dish from Changsha in the Meiyintang Collection, and on two others in the National Palace Museum, Taipei. Two cups similar to the Cernuschi Museum piece were donated by M. P. Nikramaratna, one to the British Museum, the other to the Victoria and Albert Museum in memory of his wife, Nancy. This original design perhaps derives from the increasingly stylised rendering of plant motifs.

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