Tête de boddhisattava


Entre 589 et 618
Calcaire, Taille = taillé
Objet religieux, Statue
Achat en vente publique

M.C. 9801

The period of political explosion in northern China that followed the breaking up of the Northern Wei empire saw the emergence of several artistic centres. A head of bodhisattva, wearing a partially conserved diadem, is notable in the extreme stylisation of the features, the perfect curve of the eyebrows down through the ridge of the nose and the delicate treatment of the palmettes on the headdress. The work, known since 1913, is from the collection of the fashion designer Jacques Doucet (1853-1929) and was pictured several times in publications, including Osvald Sirén’s Chinese Sculpture (1925, vol. II, pl. 304 d).

Reference(s) : Marie-Thérèse Bobot, Chine connue et inconnue : Dix années d'acquisitions au musée Cernuschi, Paris, Paris-Musées, 1992, p.13-14.