With its wealth of over 12,000 Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean art works, the Cernuschi Museum offers a wide range of tours, workshops and events to explore the collections and temporary exhibitions.

Monday to Friday 10am to noon and 2:30pm to 5pm
By telephone: +33 (0)1 53 96 21 72

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The second-ranking museum devoted to Asian arts in France and the fifth-ranking devoted to Chinese art in Europe, the Cernuschi Museum is a major showcase of Asian culture and an important centre of Chinese art and archaeology. It boasts a remarkable collection of ancient Chinese art. Through its history, since its opening in 1898, the museum has become home to almost 14,000 Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean objects. In the context of today’s dynamic art scenes, the Cernuschi Museum also offers a presentation of modern and contemporary artists informed by knowledge of their cultural context.

  • The Cernuschi Museum offers guided tours of the China and Japan collections, in French. These tours are not suitable for children under the age of 10. For groups of over 5 people, a group booking must be made.
  • Take a guided tour of a temporary exhibition and discover an artist, a collection or a country. In French and English.
  • Talks in the auditorium are an opportunity to learn more about a subject related to the collections and exhibitions. In French only.
  • The drawing workshop in the museum’s rooms teaches visitors to develop their artistic eye through the creative process, using dry media.

Two types of tours of the collections or exhibitions can be booked:

  • self-guided group tours, either led by a group leader (such as a tour guide or specially trained docent, or a teacher with their pupils) or without a leader.

Duration 1½ hours, permission to speak: €30 + exhibition admission / free entry to collections. Groups of 25 people maximum

  • guided tours in groups with an official Cernuschi Museum guide, in French or English.

Duration:  1½ hours - Full price: €110 – Reduced price: €65 – Minimum price: €30 + exhibition admission /free entry for collections. Groups of 25 people maximum

The museum and its surrounds. Two themed walks are available:

  • Le musée et la plaine Monceau (The Museum and the Plaine Monceau) and La Chine à Paris dans le 13e arrondissement (China in Paris’s 13th Arrondissement). These two walks offer a complementary experience to the museum tour. In French or English.

Duration: 1½ hours – Full price: €128 – Reduced price €78 – Minimum price: € 45 – Groups of 25 people maximum

Groups visiting the museum as part of a package tour are eligible for a discount on the bulk purchase of tickets for temporary exhibitions.

Bookings are required for guided tours and self-guided visits, under the same conditions as groups.

For safety reasons, groups must not exceed 25 people.

Bookings are required for visits by any group of over 5 people, with our without a guide.

The booking form must be sent to the museum one month prior to the visit.


The works on display in the permanent collection rooms and in certain exhibitions may be photographed or filmed for private or personal use. The use of flash, incandescent lights, tripods or other types of stand is forbidden without special permission from the museum management.

A 4-day creative workshop in late June, designed especially for teens, offers 12 to 15 year-olds a chance to sharpen their artistic eye and develop their creative talent through activities such as calligraphy, print-making and porcelain painting.