Archaeologists in Angkor: Photographic Archives of the École Française d’Extrême-Orient [French School of Asian Studies]

Translated by Michael Lavin, Éditions Findakly, 2010

Edited by Gilles Béguin

Wednesday 01 September 2010

The prestigious French School of Asian Studies (or EFEO in French, for short) carried out important work starting in 1907 to restore the site of Angkor, one of the great cities of Asia that been engulfed by the jungle since it was abandoned in the 16th century.

Among the thousands of photographs kept at the EFEO, 108 show the appearance of the main temples before they were uncovered and during and after their restoration. Essays by EFEO specialists situate this major archaeological project in its historic context and introduce readers to recent discoveries.

Both a memorial and a reference book, this book is essential reading for all historians and lovers of the arts of South East Asia.