Bronzes de la Chine impériale (Bronzes of Imperial China)

Des Song aux Qing (From the Song Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty)

Michel Maucuer

Sunday 01 September 2013

ISBN : 978-2-7596-0182-0
39 €
184 pages
140 illustrations

Generations of craftsmen and artists have drawn inspiration for styles, themes and motifs from Chinese antiquity. In no field has this influence from the past manifested itself so powerfully as bronze. The significant role of ancient religious ritual in the Confucian empire largely explains this recurrent phenomenon.

In the late 19th century, Henri Cernuschi was one of the first European collectors to develop an interest in the bronzes of ancient China and the period extending from the Song dynasty (960-1279) to the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), described at the time as the “bronze renaissance”. Cernuschi constituted an exceptional ensemble of works that remains one of the major collections of its kind in the world.

This book presents for the first time a selection of almost 130 of the most important objects in this remarkable collection at the Cernuschi Museum.